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CRFT-PIT has been supplying its smoked and raw products to restaurants and hotels since its inception. We have Hong Kong’s largest commercial grade rotisserie smoker. We also have a special dry-aging room where we can help clients to custom age and portion premium beef to their specific requirements.

CRFT-PIT grinds many special blends of meat. Our hamburger operation makes burger sizes from 2oz to 8oz in: Organic, All Natural, Grass Fed, Beef, Pork, Poultry, Veal Lamb and Seafood.

We created CRFT-PIT to make life easier for restaurateurs and hoteliers by solving some of the biggest problems facing the F&B industry in Hong Kong: shortage of space, inexperienced staff and inconsistent products.

Our Kitchen

With Hong Kong’s largest commercial grade rotisserie smoker, with a capacity of 340 kilograms of smoked meats and a cooking area of 10,800 square inches, our clients can rest assured that we can produce large volumes of products at a consistent high quality.

We also have a special dry-aging room where we can help clients to custom age and portion premium beef to their specific requirements.

Our Team

Our large team of experienced chefs led by Chef Leo Kam can help clients to streamline their kitchens not only by smoking all the products in-house which takes out the need for expensive equipment in restaurants and hotels but also through offering additional value added services.

Customized Services

CRFT-PIT has dedicated itself to creating and perfecting what we feel are some of the best and most flexible products in the market. At the same time, we do understand that there are times when that just isn’t enough. So let us help your chefs by taking care of all your tedious mise en place items such as soup stocks, dressings and demi-glazes.

Customized Products

We can create unique products to your specifications through our customizable smoking, slow cooking, and braising methods. Whether you need to create a blend of hickory smoked maple bacon or apple and cherry wood blended smoked salmon, we can do it all.

Butchery & Fish Monger

We also offer butchering and fish mongering services. We can help debone, trim, clean, grind and portion the raw ingredients for you.


We believe long term partnerships and support is the ONLY way to go. So let our experienced team support and streamline your business by working with your staff to analyse and advise them on product sourcing, kitchen management, research and design, training and various other value-added services